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  Craigville, IN  46731

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  Internet Services:  (click on a service for more information)
DSL  - Fiber Optic HSI  -  X-Stop Filter  -  Spam-X Filter



  Fast, reliable, ALWAYS CONNECTED - this service runs over your existing phone line and allows you to be connected to the Internet and on the phone at the same time.  Additional equipment purchase required.

    Always-On DSL Access  

Bluffton And Craigville DSL:

 * Order TODAY! * 
$29.95/month with FREE use of DSL modem!

Bluffton Residential DSL:   

   $29.95/month Up to 2Mb/512kb
   $34.95/month Up to 3Mb/512kb
   $39.95/month Up to 4Mb/512kb
   $59.95/month Up to 6Mb/1MB

Craigville Residential DSL:   

   $29.95/month -- Up To 4Mb/1Mb
   $39.95/month -- Up To 8Mb/1Mb
   $44.95/month -- Up To 12Mb/1Mb
   $59.95/month -- Double Play (DSL & PHONE)
            Up to 8Mb/1Mb DSL & 250 Minute Package

     * $10.00 Single service charge will apply for DSL only service.
    ** All Packages Include 12 Month Contract.
      Handling and Activation Fees not included.


    Call Today for Personal Service!


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